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Your source for the best selection of Christian gifts and patriotic gifts.
Our gifts include Russ Berrie Teddy Bears and the HolyBears with Christian and Patriotic themes,
Eagles Wings Silk Neckties and we are
(Official Distributors of Wondermugs).
The best quality gifts and prices you will find in any store.

Russ Berrie Teddy Bears
Russ Berrie Teddy Bear Collection
The HolyBears Collection

Eagles Wings Silk Neckties
Eagles Wings Silk Neckties

The Amazing

They Change Images as you Add Hot Liquid

  Hats, Blankets

Virtual Shopping Bag

When shopping our DeerLake Store for Patriotic and Christian Gifts, you will be given the option of putting your items into a shopping bag or the buy now option, which will take you right to the checkout. By using the shopping bag option, you can shop until you have all of your items in your bag before proceeding to the checkout. When wanting to check out click on the checkout button on the top right of your screen. If you wish to remove an item from your bag, click on the view Bag button on the top center of your screen.
Quality Patriotic gifts that will please everyone.

Shopping online with our virtual shopping bag is safe and fun.
Thank you for visiting our online DeerLake store.
Let us know your comments on your Shopping experience here at DeerLake.

Quality Christian & Patriotic gifts at a good price.

History of The Shopping Bag

Walter H. Deubner ran a small Christian grocery store in St. Paul, Minnesota, and he was looking for a way to give his business a boost. store bags
By careful observation, he noticed that his customers purchases were limited by what they could conveniently carry from his store. So he set about devising a way to help them buy more purchases at one time. It took him four years to develop the right solution: a prefabricated package, inexpensive, easy to use-and strong enough to carry up to seventy-five pounds worth of groceries. The shopping bag consisted of a paper bag with cord running through it for strength. Deubner named his new product after himself, calling it the ( Deubner Shopping Bag,) and sold it for five cents. Deubner patented his product and within three years, by 1915, was selling over a million shopping bags a year.

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